Business Law

We strive to be a one-stop general counsel for small businesses from the time you begin to plan your start-up through the ups and downs that inevitably follow. As much as possible, our goal is to resolve conflicts and issues before they become serious problems for you and your business and to draft contracts and documents that defend you from harm.

Small businesses typically go to multiple service providers for legal, tax, asset protection, and estate planning. This results in a varying mix of opinions and suggestions with each service provider focusing exclusively on their area of expertise without regard to other important issues. For example, accountants focus on tax return preparation—unable to advise on legal entity structures that could protect from liability or reduce taxes. However, all these issues are interrelated for businesses and should be considered together as a whole to develop the best plan of action. Unfortunately, that best solution can get lost in the cacophony of advice, and you ultimately pay by higher taxes, poor asset protection, litigation, and poor contract negotiating and drafting. Finally, the differing mix of opinions may be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming—taking away your concentration from business and family. 

I developed my legal practice to include all these areas of expertise so I can give consistent advice that is best for your situation. I have experience in starting, managing, and developing new businesses, and I understand how worrisome and difficult it is to own and operate a business. That experience developed my understanding of the needs of businesses, and, as a result, shaped the goals of my practice. I intend to be a comprehensive source of professional services for hard-working and honest small businesses, professionals, & consultants with a cost that gives you identifiable value.

Our goal is to be a one-stop service provider for your business for all its ordinary legal needs and to hire and work with legal specialists for unusual cases.

We Offer a Range of Business Law Services:

  1. Contract negotiation and drafting
  2. Asset protection services & planning to avoid financial losses from future lawsuits
  3. Business formations of business entities, including corporations, LLCs, LPs
  4. Supervision of contract, business, and financial litigation if necessary
  5. Business and finance law services
  6. Management consulting services
  7. Conflict resolution
  8. General counsel services
  9. Cash flow & financial management solutions
  10. Corporate or business entity resolutions and minutes
  11. Loan documents
  12. Obtaining EINs from the IRS
  13. Registered agent services
  14. Maintaining the legal formalities of corporations and other entities