All clients with assets need to protect their families from probate and estate taxation, as well as guard against future frivolous lawsuits by those who might seek to take your hard-earned savings or business. Now is the time to give you and your family financial & legal security, before any possible problems start.

Planning for your passing is a solemn affair that needs an attorney who has the experience and knowledge to avoid potential family or succession problems both for you personally as well as your business. We will meet with you to privately discuss your wishes and then draft documents that fulfill your goals.

You also may be able to avoid or significantly reduce estate taxes with careful planning. From initial recommendations to continuing review services, we avoid estate taxes for the vast majority of clients. The entities that we establish will include estate-tax-avoiding solutions if you need such planning. 

We Offer a Range of Tax and Estate Planning Services:

  1. Wills, including both simple and complex
  2. Family limited partnerships or limited liability companies
  3. Testamentary trusts
  4. Revocable trusts (commonly known as living trusts)
  5. Irrevocable trusts
  6. Powers of attorney, both health care and financial
  7. Directive to physicians (commonly known as living wills)
  8. HIPAA authorizations
  9. 529 educational plans and retirement planning
  10. Letters testamentary from the probate court
  11. Assistance with after-death financial affairs at a significantly reduced hourly rate for spouses & children of annual fee clients in the event of a client’s death.