Tax Law

Our focus is to protect you and your business from the IRS, first and foremost by planning ahead to reduce taxation and avoid audits. We know it is better to solve tax problems before they occur. 

Tax laws are highly complicated, and compliance can be burdensome. Through our experience, we have seen the immense value of tax planning that allows clients to foresee tax problems so that such matters can be dealt with before year-end and before the return is prepared. Obtaining advanced knowledge of a future problem saves time and money, preventing surprise and hardship. 

Unfortunately, most businesses are ill-served by traditional tax preparation. Most tax return preparers do not truly analyze their client’s current-year tax liability and potential tax problems. Instead, they focus almost entirely on preparing last year’s tax return, months after the year ended. The problem is that neither the client nor the preparer can make major changes once the tax year has closed. Moreover, clients are often surprised by the outcome and wish that they could have foreseen the future so that they could have avoided problems. Finally, paperwork and documentation are often done in a haphazard manner, giving the IRS the opportunity to challenge you in an audit. 

We Solve These Issues Through a Better Way of Doing Business.

We Offer a Range of Tax and Accounting-Related Services:

1)  Tax planning to significantly to make sure that you are doing everything legally possible to reduce taxes. I create tax projections using sophisticated software to determine your approximate tax liability for this year and next year in advance–showing clients the lowest estimated payments needed to avoid penalties and interest. This provides a real opportunity to reduce taxes, not depending on a preparer’s tricks during tax return preparation.

2)  Tax return preparation is important. I prepare federal business income tax returns (Form 1120, 1065, and 1120-S), federal individual tax returns (Form 1040), state tax returns (including individual and entity returns such as the Texas franchise tax), trust returns (Form 1041), and international returns. While a typical tax preparer depends exclusively on the viability of the software used, I understand the purpose and scope of the entire tax code, which gives me the ability to reduce your taxes as much as legally possible.

3)  We review your accounting practices and bookkeeping to make sure your business is operating efficiently for accounting and not making unnecessary mistakes. Good accounting practices can reduce the chances that an audit will find issues or simply make an audit less likely to begin with.

4)  We help business & individuals establish IRAs, SEPs, defined-benefit pension plans, 401k plans, and as appropriate a medical benefits plan.

5)  Recommendations on the best income-tax filing status for entities such as LLC(s) to minimize tax burdens.

6)  Compliance with aggressive tax laws if you or your business has foreign bank accounts, companies, or holdings. If you have foreign assets, you need a tax attorney who knows how to keep you from trouble.

7)  IRS audits, responses to IRS notices, Texas franchise tax audits, and tax court litigation

8) IRS installment payment plans and offers in compromise to reduce IRS liabilities.

9)  We generally offer tax services for an annual fee that includes pricing certainty, including tax planning, tax advice, and tax return preparation. For clients who choose an annual fee, we provide an audit protection plan that reduces our hourly fees by more than half in the event of an audit so that you essentially have an insurance policy that audits will not result in catastrophic bills.

10)  We work closely with a professional bookkeeping company that provides payroll, payroll tax returns, sales tax, bookkeeping, and related services in order to have the broadest range of tax and accounting services for clients.